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British White Cattle for Sale

I prefer to provide you with the best possible selection of American British White beef cattle, and strive for quality, not quantity so it is best to be on a waiting list to buy some.  Even though it is hard to part with any of these fine animals, we know we need to help other folks get into this breed or expand their herd.

If you are looking for cows/heifers, you should go on our waiting list as they sell fast.  Please email, call or text me and let me know what you are looking for and we will put you on the waiting list or at least check to see if any could be available.  We can also help you find what you are looking for from other breeders.  We love helping you out!

NEW!!! We have put together a group of five bred cows for only $12,500!  We have more to choose from to add to this group of five.  I will post pictures soon.

Your interest in American British White cattle is always welcome!  Since these cattle are bred for quality, not quantity, and only bred for high level calves, it is best to get on the waiting list for available pets (I suppose we should call them cattle).  Yes, this herd is part of the family and is treated that way.  We brush and pet them, however, they aren't just pretty cows.  These have been bred to give you the quality meat you are looking for, low birth weights, great builds and they are docile!


Start saving your money as the British White Cattle Association of
Minnesota, made up of breeders from both the American British White Park Association and the British White Cattle Association of American (same breed, different association names and neither are the Ancient White Park horned breed), has scheduled the second annual Minnesota sale! The next sale is scheduled for October 18, 2014, and we promise you it will be one to attend! We, again, are only providing you with great animals to buy and we will throw in some fun while we are at it. It will once again be in Hutchinson, Minnesota, at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in the cattle barn.

              Thanks to everyone that has purchased a heifer or cow in the past!
                  Hope your calving season went exactly how you wanted it to!

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