This is RLC Farms fox red lab, Jewel.  She loves the cattle and they are very nice to her. This shows how gentle this breed is and you should get some for yourselves to find out what we mean. We usually have some available so let us know!

Your Source for Registered, Purebred, Quality British White Park Cattle!

We pride ourselves on the product we offer you.  We look at the whole picture:  build, temperament, color, easy calving, and great tasting meat.  We aren't happy unless you, our customers, are happy.  We make sure you are getting what the breed really is and we strive to excel on that.  Check out this awesome breed that does well on just grass and is soooo affectionate and gorgeous!

​There is misinformation about the British White and American British White Park cattle being different.  These polled cattle are, in fact, the same breed and both derived from the same single cattle association that started in 1975 which was then called the White Park Association.  There are now two different associations for registry, and you should not confuse either of them with being the rare Ancient White Park horned cattle.

RLC Farms MN LLC British White Cattle


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RLC Farms British White Parks

Quality cattle doesn't just happen. It takes a well-bred, thought-out breeding program and that's where we come in.

RLC Farms MN, LLC is a proud member of the American British White Park Association.

Looking to get into this breed or add to your herd?  We can help!


Can you pet your bull, or pet a mother and her calf?  If you had RLC Farms British White Park cattle you could!

We have had visitors from all over the U.S. and even other countries! We welcome you anytime; just let us know when you are coming!  ​You will be pleased to know our cattle are quality American British White Parks and we do not use a breed-up program. We only use registered, purebred, quality American British White Park bulls and females to assure you the best of the breed.