RLC Farms, LLC

RLC Farms, LLC
Raising Registered, Purebred American British White Beef Cattle

RLC Farms Nitro British White Bull
Birth Place of RLC Farms Nitro!

We have had visitors from all over the U.S. and now other countries!
We welcome you anytime; just let us know when you are coming!

Thank you Dan and Ashley Zemke for your start in British White Parks. May you have many years of enjoyment with them!

When you own British White/Park cattle, you can feel a little more relaxed. I was in another field and they all discovered where I was. They immediately came running knowing there was new grass to eat.  I started the video and didn't move from where I was standing as I knew they wouldn't hurt me. The leader stopped right in front of me.

British White CattleQUESTION:

Can you go up to a calf and pet it AND the mother???
  If you had British White beef cattle you would!!!

                                         Jada's petting Janette's calf & she doesn't mind!

Nitro British White Beef Bull ANOTHER QUESTION:

Have you ever dared pet a bull???
If you had British White beef cattle you would!!

Jordan & Jada petting RLC Farms Nitro!

RLC Farms LLC is a proud member of the American British White Park Association!

Have you joined the American British White Park Association yet?
If not, you are missing out on a fun group!
Just click
HERE for an application and start having fun!
This association is growing in RECORD NUMBERS!!!


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