RLC Farms, LLC
Your Source For Gourmet British White Beef

RLC Farms, LLC
Raising Registered, Purebred
American British White Beef Cattle

One of only a few beef cattle farms/ranches in the U.S. calving only 5-Generation Plus level American British White Cattle.
American British Whites are a very hardy breed!!!
This year is perfect proof with so many very cold days!!!

Someone once told me cattle do not like hills.
They forgot to tell these young heifers that.

Congratulations and thank you Jennifer and thank you Cathy for
purchasing your first American British White cows!!!

RLC Farms Nitro British White Bull
Birth Place of RLC Farms Nitro!

We have had visitors from all over the U.S. and now other countries!
We welcome you anytime; just let us know when you are coming!

RLC Farms LLC are proud members of the American British White Park Association!

We, along with many others, have made the switch to the American British White Park Association.  They are the original American British White cattle association in the U.S. and register British White cattle from either association!  We only had to pay $50 to join and only $5.00 for each animal transferred. There are NO herd fees and the following years you can either choose to pay $50 for a Marketing Member or $40 for a non-Marketing member. This is all you pay each year and you will get quarterly journals keeping you informed on what your association is doing for you, there are currently at least four shows you can attend/show, you are welcome to listen in on their board meetings (no closed meetings) and you will get copies of minutes from these board meetings!  The ABWPA will not destroy your BWCAA registration papers; they only ask for a copy for their records!  Join the American British White Park Association and start having fun, see where your dues go, and start realizing this IS a great breed to be into!!!

Dare to join a fun, productive, fast-growing association!  Click HERE to get your application, send it into the ABWPA office along with copies of your registration papers, pay $50 plus $5/each animal and you are on your way to being part of a very classy operation!  Application will state $100, however, only pay $50.

RLC Farms, LLC was not encouraged nor paid for this information. We believe in the ABWPA and how well they promote the breed and want you to be aware you do have a choice.

British White Cattle
  Can you go up to a calf and pet it AND the mother???
If you had British White beef cattle you would!!!

Jada's petting Connie's calf & she doesn't mind!

Nitro British White Beef Bull

  Have you ever dared pet a bull???
If you had British White beef cattle you would!!

Jordan & Jada petting RLC Farms Nitro!

Click on Nitro's Face to see a short clip on Kyle petting Nitro, the gentle bull!

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