RLC Farms, LLC
Your Source For Gourmet British White Beef

RLC Farms, LLC
Raising Registered, Purebred
American British White Beef Cattle

RLC Farms Nitro British White Bull
Birth Place of RLC Farms Nitro!

We have had visitors from all over the U.S. and now other countries!
We welcome you anytime; just let us know when you are coming!

This is LPJ Ava 319. She is what we look for to have in
this herd. You cannot tell, but she does have nice black
coloring on her legs.  We still have mud all over as we keep
getting rain so her legs are covered with mud. We love her wide
front, nicely built wide body with a nice straight back
and she is beautiful to look at!

Have you joined the American British White Park Association yet?
If not, you are missing out on a fun group!
Just click
HERE for an application and start having fun!
This association is growing in RECORD NUMBERS!!!

RLC Farms LLC is a proud member of the
American British White Park Association!

British White Cattle

Can you go up to a calf and pet it AND the mother???
  If you had British White beef cattle you would!!!
Jada's petting Janette's calf & she doesn't mind!

Nitro British White Beef Bull

Have you ever dared pet a bull???
If you had British White beef cattle you would!!

Jordan & Jada petting RLC Farms Nitro!

Click on Nitro's Face to see a short clip on Kyle petting Nitro, the gentle bull!

Stay tuned for video clips on LPJ Zenith if Minnesota ever dries out enough for us to walk around!

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