​​​​​​​​​​It's amazing how hardy the British White Park cattle are!  They tolerate severe heat and severe cold.  Ours have seen wind chills at 50 below zero cold and over 100 degree heat and are grass fed.  You will be happy using this breed for your purebred or commercial cattle operation.  They will make you a profit and you can't go wrong using a British White bull as they will provide more meat on your table!  The best part...they don't beat you up!


We have a reputation for supplying nicely built, easy calving and docile-disposition herd bulls and females.  Put yourself on our waiting list as they go fast once available!  We are set up for payments through PayPal so if you wish to pay this way, just email us and let us know.  You will pay any user fee (using Friends & Family there is no fee).

We have a few bred heifers and cows currently available. Please let us know if you are interested as calving will start soon.

Let us know your needs for a bull!

We generally sell out of bulls by February each year, however, lately it has been much sooner. If you want a bull from us, you really need to let us know right away and be on our waiting list for the 2019-born calves and we are currently all out of bulls!  A non-refundable deposit will hold your choice on ones available and we will give the choices in the order we receive the deposits.  We are fussy on choosing what are bulls; we only keep the best bulls to sell as we value our reputation.  We have had people actually pay deposits for animals not even born yet to show you we have a good reputation for supplying great animals!


We are offering semen from an outstanding English British White bull, Woodbastwick Randolph Turpin, for only $20/straw plus shipping & handling--no minimum purchase required.  Semen is stored at Hawkeye Breeders in Des Moines, Iowa.  Turpin is "a perfectly marked, blue skinned bull with a good temperament."
Birth weight-36kgs (79 lbs), 100 day weight-153kgs (337 lbs), 200 day weight-304kgs (669lbs), 400 day weight-516kgs (1135lbs). Gest. +1.1, CE -3.7, BW +2.3, CV 0, MILK -1, 200 DAY +21, 400 DAY +36, Muscle Score +0.8, Muscle Depth +0.3, 
Fat Depth +0.1, BV 24 Many straws have been purchased of this fine bull and people are happy with their results.



Thanks to everyone that has purchased an RLC Farms animal in the past!
Hope your calving season went exactly how you wanted it to!