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british white cattle

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IT IS AMAZING HOW HARDY THE BRITISH WHITE PARK CATTLE ARE!  They tolerate extreme heat and extreme cold.  Ours have seen wind chills at 50 below zero cold and over 100 degree heat and stand out in it.  They are grass fed and we have lots of pasture for them to graze and in the winter they eat our own quality hay.  You will be happy using this breed for your purebred or commercial cattle operation.  They will make you a profit and you can't go wrong using a British White Park bull as they will provide more meat on your table!  The best part...they don't beat you up!

THE 2024 CALVES ARE ARRIVING!  ​We have a reputation for supplying nicely built, easy calving and docile-disposition herd bulls and females.  Put yourself on our waiting list as they go fast once available!  Many people put down deposits before the calves are even born so if you are serious on buying 2024 calves, please contact us and put your deposit in!  It is important to be on our waiting list for the 2024 calves as they go quickly once available. We previously used bloodlines that are now plentiful in the country, so we needed to change it up some so we can provide you with new blood.  Our Hevingham Polaris and RLC Farms Nitro gals are either gone now or are 15-17 years old so we A.I.'d those two bulls back into the herd for 2023 and 2024 calves. Our beautiful RLC Farms Goliath was used on the balance for calves born in 2023 and 2024.  The 2023 results have shown we made the right decision and have A.I.'d with those two sires again and the rest with RLC Farms Goliath for the 2024 calves.

LET US KNOW YOUR NEEDS FOR FEMALES! We have had many females (and bulls) do well at shows. If you are not into showing, we pride ourselves on the overall quality of raising very fine animals that are not only docile and beautiful but have excellent maternal instincts and enough milk to share! We have had cows with four calves sneaking milk sometimes! We have many repeat buyers which is a true testimony of the value you receive.  We have sold to many states and have made many friends.

LET US KNOW YOUR NEEDS FOR A BULL! Every year we will get calls for a bull a month or so before the customer needs one. This is too late and if you want a bull from us, you really need to let us know right away for the 2024 bull calves so you can pick yours out when they become available. There were a number of excellent bull calves this year and they went fast. A non-refundable deposit will hold your choice on the 2024 ones available and we will give the choices in the order we receive the deposits. We are fussy on what stays a bull. We only keep the best bulls to sell as we value our reputation and want you to get great calves.  We have had people actually pay deposits for bulls not even born yet to show you we have a good reputation for supplying great animals! When you are purchasing your British White Parks/British Whites, please make sure you purchase from a reliable breeder that knows how to raise a quality calf and knows what a bull is.  RLC Farms MN LLC puts all the work into them so you don't have to. Watch out for "cheap" sales and especially watch out for breeders that keep every bull in their herd intact. Just because a bull has testicles, doesn't mean it's a bull. We take pride in being very fussy on what stays a bull as the bull is 50% of your herd.  No matter what your females are like, if you use a poor bull, you will get poor results.  Buy a top-quality bull!  Pay for will be worth every penny!

​​IN THE CASE OF THIS BREED...BEAUTY IS NOT ONLY SKIN DEEP!  They are as beautiful inside as they are out. Ours hang heavy on the rail and have an excellent quality of meat and tenderness WITHOUT USING HORMONES OR PRESERVATIVES!  Interested in purchasing beef?  You will not believe the taste and tenderness of this fine breed.  We sell out quickly and have many repeat buyers, so please check with us to see when some are available so you can EAT HEALTHY! 

LOOKING TO BUY SEMEN FROM AN OUTSTANDING BULL?  We are sold out of offerings and really appreciate everyone that has purchased some and have loved the results. We are keeping the last set for ourselves to use in the near future.  We only pull/buy semen from quality bulls and feel we may have some worthy of that in the near future so keep checking back. We have two excellent bulls from our 2023 A.I. crop we will be using and will see their prodigy.  One is sired by our outstanding RLC Farms Nitro and the other Hevingham Polaris, an English bull which we may have used the last straws available of him in the U.S. Keep coming back in a year or so to see what semen we will have. We need to make sure the bulls we pull are capable of living up to the RLC Farms MN LLC standards of quality. So far they look great, but we will know after we see their first calves which won't be until 2025.